Love Yourself *Bieber voice*

Now that we’ve officially entered the year my baby will be born, my focus is less and less on me every day. I’m less concerned about my personal resolutions, and more zoned in on getting the finishing touches done around the apartment and how to be the best mama I can be.

In between throwing away pots and pans, and scouring internet reviews for the best white noise machines, I discovered that January was “Self-Love Month.” If I’m already putting myself on the back burner, I know how hard it’ll be to make time for “me” once the babe is here. Instead of just adding “self-love” to my never ending To-Do list, I came up with a list of ways to show myself a little extra love…

Take a Bath-you might want to make sure someone is home to help you out, though.

Pamper Yourself- Get a mani/pedi, or facial, or paint your own nails with that Bonne Bell polish you’ve been hanging onto for decades…whatever you’re into, take the time to make it happen. It’s amazing what just a little tinted moisturizer can do for your soul.

Get a New Pair of Slippers-your feet totally deserve it!

Go For a Walk-take the dog even, they won’t be the baby for long…

Read a Book-that has nothing to do with labor and delivery, crazy symptoms, vaccines, or even BABY pandas…give yourself a break!

Go to the Movies-The Greatest Showman will blow your panties off!

Dance!-sometimes I don’t even close the blinds…

Cook Dinner with Your Honey-pick your favorite recipe, shop for the ingredients and make it a romantic night in.

Get Crafty-I have a ton of projects on deck for the baby’s nursery. By actually starting, I can stop stressing about getting them done and enjoy them. 

Quit Stressing-PLEASE!

Take a trial class at that new yoga studio that just opened up, stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself you’re beautiful, as long as you do something for YOU, this just may be your best year yet.

Happy New Year!



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